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Where hydrants are located on a private water system and hose lines are intended to be used directly from the hydrants they should be so located as to keep hose lines short, preferably not over 75m.

For average conditions hydrants are normally placed 12,2 m from the building to be protected. Where this is not possible, they are set where the chance of injury by falling walls is small and where fire-fighters are not likely to be driven away by smoke or heat.

In crowded industrial yards, hydrants can usually be placed beside low buildings, near substantial stair towers or at corners formed by masonry walls that are not likely to fall.

Hydrants located in areas subject to heavy traffic need protection.

Hydrants should be set plumb with outlets about 0, 46 m above ground and 0, 46 m above the floor in hose houses.

Hydrants spaced not more than 60 m apart must completely surround the property to be protected.

Additional hydrants must be installed in such a way as to ensure that all parts of the property protected are within 90m of a large bore nozzle attached to not more than 45m of hose.

Hydrant valves must match the local fire brigade hose couplings, but must in no case be smaller than 63.5mm internal diameter.

Each hydrant valve must be supplied with at least 45 m of approved hose of not less than 63, 5 mm internal diameter, in two or more lengths of not less than 15 m each and with one branch pipe and nozzle 15,9 mm or larger in diameter. (Adjustable nozzles giving either spray or jets are recommended.)


Three types: White Synthetic Fibre, Red PVC coated and Yellow PVC coated.




DTS Development and Fire Extinguisher Services, range of dry chemical powders are suitable for A, B or C class fires or a combination of ABC class fires.

Dry chemical powders have been developed over a period of thirty years and can be supplied as Alpha Dynaflo, an ultra-high performance product or in various grades down to our AphaMegaflo 34 40% which carries a 2A-2B rating.

Dikalakala Fire Detection, Prevention & Protection Guide

Here at Dikalakala we Supply, install, commission, repair and maintain to a wide range of fire detection, fire suppression, voice evacuation and security systems, including design and certification throughout South Africa.

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