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We are suppliers of hydrocarbon spill kits as well as absorbent products that will aid in helping you manage your waste products.

We have many products that you can purchase from us to make waste clean up quick and easy.

Waste Management Products Include:

• 200L Hydrocarbon Carry Bag Spill Kit

• 220L Hydrocarbon Wheelie Bin Spill Kit

• Oil Absorbent Fibre Booms

• Oil Absorbent Socs

• Oil Absorbent Fibre Pillows

• Oil Particulate Absorbent Booms

• Oil Particulate Absorbent Socks

• Oil Particulate Absorbent Pillows

…to mention a few

Spill Kit Categories Include:

• Oil Only (For all hydrocarbons)

• Universal (Water, oils, solvents & coolants)

• Hazardous (Chemical, acid or base components)

• Anti-static

• Bioremediation

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